Making money from self-publishing is doable.  There are growing numbers of examples of physicians and others making money from self-publishing.

There is no longer a stigma associated with self-publishing.  Countless examples of successfully self-published authors have eliminated this stigma.

You can actually make it happen.  Not forced to wait for a green light from agents and publishers.

Segue into traditional publishing.  Once you have a track record you will be more attractive to traditional publishers, if you choose to go that route.

You can spend time writing as opposed to pitching to agents and publishers.  Selling a book to a traditional publisher can be a tremendous time suck.

  • No book proposals.
  • No sucking up to people.
  • No waiting for follow up.
  • No form rejection letters.
  • Faster publication time.


Control.  You control everything, such as:

  • Title
  • Cover
  • Trim Size
  • Release Date
  • Paper Quality
  • Editing
  • Price
  • Ownership
  • Marketing budget


Your earnings are not limited to a 10% or 15% royalty. 

Because your earnings are not limited to royalties, you’ll receive a greater return for each book your marketing efforts sell.  This makes investing your time and money into marketing more valuable.

You retain control and full ownership of your content (no licensing or copyright transfer).  This speaks for itself.

No compromises.  Since you are in total control, you don’t have to compromise on anything.

For more on making money from writing, please see SEAK’s seminar, How to Earn Money as a Physician Writer, which will be held on September 20-21 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  SEAK’s current schedule of seminars for physicians can be found by clicking here.

James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. is the co-author of 27 books. He has had books published by Wolters Kluwer, Aspen, St. Martins, Wiley and Apress.  In addition, he has self-published numerous books through his company, SEAK, Inc.  Mr. Mangraviti’s titles have generated sales of several million dollars and have helped him to launch, expand, and nurture a successful career in lecturing, customized training and consulting. One of his consulting specialties is showing physicians how to supplement their income. Mr. Mangraviti currently serves as Principal of SEAK, Inc. He received his JD cum laude from Boston College Law School and his BA summa cum laude from Boston College. He is the co-creator and a faculty member for SEAK’s seminar entitled How to Earn Money as a Physician Writer.