Supplement Your Clinical Income with Lucrative Home-Based Work

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Medical Expert Witnessing

Physician expert witnesses typically earn $500+ per hour and can earn an extra $100,000+ per year working a few hours per week. The work is low risk and will make you a better clinician. Overhead is negligible. Best for physicians who maintain an active clinical practice. More Information>>

Consulting for Physicians

Consulting is high paying, low risk and low overhead. The work is intellectually challenging and financially and professionally rewarding. Consulting can build your resume and well position you for full time non-clinical employment. More Information>>

File Review Consulting

There is enormous and growing demand for physician file reviewers. Potential to generate $100,000+ yearly performing file reviews weekends and off hours. All work is done from home on the computer. Testimony is almost never required. More Information>>

Writing for Physicians

Writing is an enjoyable and low stress way to earn extra income. This can be done through traditional publishing, self-publishing, and freelance technical writing. As an added benefit, writing often leads to lucrative teaching and consulting assignments and can boost your clinical practice as well. More Information>>


Hi folks.  I really appreciate your courses!  I have been quite busy doing file reviews, IMEs, now depositions. I just scored a big case where I am getting $104k just for the depositions, prep calls and hearings alone(not including the money for the file reviews which led up to that point and continue to get more work from this same company).  I vividly remember you all sitting next to me at lunch stating my prices were too low which prompted me to raise my rates for depositions and all fees across the board.  Not bad for a little internal medicine guy. Thanks so much and will hope to see you all soon.