Steven Babitsky, Esq.

Physicians of all disciplines and ages are increasingly leaving clinical medicine. Their reasons include decreasing revenues, stress, burnout, Covid-19, boredom, lack of career satisfaction, and the adverse impact on their family life.

Career Options for Physicians

Many of these physicians want to remain active, intellectually challenged, while at the same time be able to earn some additional income for themselves and their families. The good news is that there are numerous options available for these physicians.

New Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians

Physicians leaving clinical medicine are widely sought after by business. The business leaders recognize that physicians are smart, well-educated, highly motivated, and dependable. These physicians are often hired by hundreds of different types of businesses. A few of these businesses include health and life insurers, consulting companies, pharma, medical communication companies, advertising companies, contract research organizations, state and federal governments, the investment industry, medical device companies and numerous other businesses.

How to Land That Non-Clinical Position

Physicians looking for a non-clinical position quickly realize several things. First, there are few websites devoted to non-clinical positions for physicians. One website that can be helpful is Here, you will find a free link to over 500 clinical jobs and a white paper “The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make in Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career.”


Secondly, physicians, many of whom who have not looked for or interviewed for a job in years, find that there is little training on how to go about their search. One course available to stream on-demand is the course How to Find & Land Non-Clinical Jobs.

Gradual Transition Out of Clinical Medicine

Many physicians are not yet ready to fully leave clinical medicine at this time. These physicians are looking to make a more gradual transition. The idea is to see what is available and try out one of more of the opportunities before they make the break with clinical medicine. There is a course to stream on-demand which can be very helpful to these physicians, How to Supplement your Clinical Income With Lucrative Home-Based Work.

Additional Free Resource

For physicians who are just starting to think about supplemental income and perhaps an eventual career transition, there is a website which can be very helpful, This website has free information on 7 different ways to supplement your income including:

  • Medical Expert Witnessing
  • Disability & Utilization Reviews
  • IMEs
  • Writing
  • Life Care Planning
  • Consulting
  • Inventing


Physicians who are looking to transition gradually or fully out of clinical medicine have numerous exciting, intellectually challenging, and lucrative options. Planning for a career change should start as early as possible.

About the Author

Steven Babitsky, Esq. is the founder of SEAK, Inc. an educational company that has been assisting physicians for the past 40 years.