Speaker 1: One of the tests described by Gordon Waddle in his classic paper entitled “Non-Organic Physical Findings in Low-Back Pain” is comparing passive knee extension with the examinee sitting, with the standard supine straight leg raising. The former is typically accomplished while the examinee is distracted. The examiner might, for instance, say he wants to check the knee while extending the joint or needs to lift the leg to check the foot. Since the latter involves passive hip flection with the knee extended, the examinee’s final position in both is essentially identical, and symptomatic results should be similar. Significant inconsistency between sitting and supine straight-leg raising represents a non-organic finding.

Stanley, these previous problems with your knees, I just want to check that. Just raise that out. Had any more problems with your knees, at all?

Stanley: No, those cases are already settled.

Speaker 1: Okay. Let’s have you lie down, right on your back. Okay, just raise that up.

Stanley: No more, no more.

Speaker 1: No more? Okay. I’m sorry. Okay, just over there.

Stanley: That’s it.

Speaker 1: That’s it? That’s as far as you can go.

Stanley: That’s it.

Speaker 1: No further?

Stanley: That’s it.

Speaker 1: Okay.