Excerpted from SEAK’s stream on-demand course, “How to Market and Grow Your IME Practice

Man 1: …me a few things that you might do with regard to your repeat business, or to increase your repeat business. Anyone. Take some pens out of my pocket. Okay. That’s number one.

Man 1: Yeah, anything more than 10 pens is too many. Yes. Give them a head’s up call. I think that’s really important. They really appreciate that. You know, a lot of these cases aren’t fast tracks or whatever, and information is kind of power in this situation. So if they are the only one that knows this, that’s powerful. So, in other words, you know what’s going on, and then you call somebody, and that person is the only one that knows what’s going on in the company or whatever, or in the litigation, for that person that’s very empowering, because that person can call their boss and say, “Listen, I just found out…” Like, they’re the big hero. “I just found out X, Y and Z. We really need to move on this now, blah, blah, blah.” Now, they look like a hero. So you’re empowering them. And they can move on the case, whether to settle the case, how much to settle it for, all of this becomes important. The other lawyer may not want to settle. But you know. And after the report is issued, the value in the case may go up or down, depending on what the report says. So that’s really important. Any other suggestions for repeat business?

So the suggestion is, follow up with the client to see what their level of satisfaction was, if everything went okay, if there’s ways for improving, and so on and so forth. And I think that’s a good thing to know. I mean, I want to know at the end of every consultation I have, I need to know the answer. Did I do a good job? How can I get better? And, what could I have done more to help? And if people tell me, “You did a great job,” and so on, that’s fine. If they say, “Listen, you know…”, just like the feedback we get on your reviews. We type all of these up, all of the evaluations, and we review them carefully. And some of them are very, very helpful. A lot of times we create products as a result of the evaluations. Now of course sometimes, you know, if we have cookies in the afternoon and we run out of cookies, we’ll get like four or five things, “You ran out of cookies. You really shouldn’t do that.” But, on the other hand, we want to get the feedback.

Any other thing about repeat business?

Excerpted from SEAK’s stream on-demand course, “How to Market and Grow Your IME Practice”